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Road Trip to Alaska! - Yours To Discover®

Our first adventure with GPS. After ending up on a very rough dirt road north of Sudbury in the middle of the night with the low gas light on, no cell signal and absolutely nothing but bush for two hours; it had us real nervous about driving to Alaska. Just before the car stalled out we hit pavement and stopped in Chapleau for the night waiting for the gas station to open. In the morning we continued an amazingly long drive to the Manitoba border; wow, who knew Ontario was so big? After that, there was little to see and Manitoba and Saskatchewan went by Quick. At Lloyd-minster we crossed into Alberta, then we visited Elk Island National Park. After a night in Edmonton we drove up into beautiful Jasper National Park. The wild roses of British Columbia were a welcome sight as we made out way up to Prince George. Before and after Prince George is pure wilderness. We were lucky enough to catch a bear cub playing and eating dandelions on the side of the road. From our hotel in Smithers we enjoyed a beautiful sunset and a rainbow the next morning. The morning drive up into Alaska included almost two hours without seeing another car! No cell coverage, no radio stations & no civilization to be found; but some of the most beautiful scenery you can find anywhere. After we crossed over the wooden bridge at Nass River we stopped at Bear Glacier and then drove through Stewart across the US border into Hyder Alaska. At the souvenir shop we bought an ironwood Grizzly Bear and headed towards the star attraction. We drove up this very rough and freshly bulldozed mountain trail marked “proceed at your own risk” with no guard rails; chunks of road had fallen away and left gaps to drive around. It took us roughly an hour to navigate this very remote road up into the mountains, across the Canadian border and finally reach the Salmon Glacier. It was truly amazing like nothing we had ever seen before, the snow covered peaks in the crisp blue sky with this massive glacier snaking down from the mountains into the valley below. We were all alone at the top of the world, we pulled out some lawn chairs and soaked up some sun. On the way back down we passed an abandoned mine and remnants of bridges that had been washed out by the river. We backtracked to Jasper, drove down into Banff, detoured through Yoho and Glacier National Park to Mount Revelstoke. Revelstoke provides an awesome view of the valley below. On the way back I stopped to take a photo of the Mount MacDonald Tunnel and to my amazement there was a faint rumble coming from within. After five or so minutes the Canadian Pacific diesels appeared pulling their freight. We stopped in Lake Louise and Banff and before heading home I couldn't miss an opportunity to take in a nice chunk of prime rib at Smuggler's Inn in Calgary. This was the best adventure yet! (Points of interest: Elk Island National Park 53.594692°, -112.840392°; Jasper NP 52.867733°, -118.070533°; Smithers 54.783770°, -127.168216°; Salmon Glacier 56.133253°, -130.051947°; Mt. Revelstoke 51.040983°, -118.148687°; Mt McDonald Tunnel 51.255070°, -117.587152°; Lake Louise 51.417165°, -116.216077°; Banff 51.197396°, -115.588593°; Smuggler's Inn 50.992048°,-114.070794°)

*If you right click on the pictures and select properties, the name of the picture will give you some indication where the picture was taken.

This trip was completed in June 2005.