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California - Yours To Discover®

Our first major road trip was to California in the spring of 2000 & it was a long one! There was not much to see across the flat mid-west and we made great time. The skies were amazingly blue and clear as we approached this massive weather front. It poured so hard we could hardly see beyond the hood of the car & as we came out the the back, it was again clear blue skies. We drove through the pure white salt flats and toured Salt Lake City. We drove through Lake Tahoe as it got dark and after a very long day on the road and arrived in San Francisco after dark both wiped out and lost. We were navigating by paper map and had missed a cut off and ended up in the downtown core. Not realizing the traffic lights were on the sidewalk, we missed a red light and a blinding flash went off as the red light camera took our photo. We managed to find our way to the KOA north of the city and settled in for the night. The next day we toured San Franciso including the Golden Gate bridge, the bay area and Lombard Avenue. Next we started down the 600 miles of Pacific Coast Highway 1; nothing but breathtaking scenery and twisty coastal highway all the way to LA. On Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood we saw a man driving a Stanley Steamer which later we realized was more than likely Jay Leno. From LA we headed out through a scorching hot 132F Death Valley in our base Corolla with no air conditioning! After the best sleep of my life at the KOA in the Mojave Desert, we took a a short tour of the Las Vegas strip, and it was on to the Hoover Dam and then the Grand Canyon. We drove through Winslow Arizona, Albuquerque New Mexico, Amarillo Texas and on to Oklahoma City where we stopped at the Oklahoma City National Memorial (former site of the bombed Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building). On the way home we drove through St. Louis Missouri, Indianapolis Indiana, rode the Millennium Force rollercoaster at Cedar Point Sandusky Ohio and returned home. This trip was epic & it felt like we were gone forever even though it was only 8 days. (Points of interest: Elk Mountain 41.628518°, -106.551877°; Lake Tahoe 39.081150°, -119.943043°; Golden Gate Bridge 37.813941°, -122.477762°; Lombard Ave San Francisco 37.802093°, -122.418865°; Pacific Coast Highway 35.815762°, -121.359148°; Morro Rock 35.369216°, -120.868032°; Hollywood 34.134044°, -118.321828°; Hoover Dam 36.016112°, -114.737061°; Grand Canyon 36.057648°, -112.142627°; Winslow Arizona 35.023452°, -110.698057°; Oklahoma City National Memorial 35.472980°, -97.517225°; Millennium Force Cedar Point 41.482373°, -82.689839°)

* If you right click on the pictures & select properties, the name of the picture will give you some indication where the picture was taken.

This trip was completed in May 2000.