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Road Trip to Cape Cod! - Yours To Discover®

After a night in Syracuse we headed to Orange County Choppers in Montgomery. We stopped by Nub Graffix, OC's shop and showroom to see the ton of bikes they had on display. After some snaps of the NY City skyline it was onto Englishtown NJ and Raceway Park. We were amazed by the 7 second pro mods and scrambled for our ear plugs when the 4 second top fuel dragsters made their runs. Ashley Force qualified first as her father John looked on. We left the raceway covered in rubber and grinning from ear to ear. As we headed north we took photos of a burning car, the Empire State Building, Giant's Stadium and then spent three hours in a clutch abusing uphill traffic jam bypassing Manhattan. In Connecticut we stopped at an amazing beach, toured millionaire's row in Newport, over the big bridge to Cape Cod Massachusetts. Some great lighthouses, beaches, site of Marconi's first transatlantic transmission, and under Boston's big dig tunnel. We visited beautiful Gloucester's sea port, drove up the scenic coast of New Hampshire, through Vermont and into the Adirondack mountains. We stayed the night at a waterfront chalet at Lake Placid and headed home in the morning. Another amazing road trip! (Points of interest: Old OCC Shop 41.527150°, -74.227484°; Old OCC Store 41.524837°, -74.199019°; Nub Grafix 41.560808°, -74.184973°; Raceway Park 40.336854°, -74.345546°; Empire State Building 40.748706°, -73.985811°; Newport 41.462127°; -71.306621°; Marconi's Wireless 41.891655°, -69.963374°; Lake Placid 44.295365°, -73.995445°)

*If you right click on the pictures and select properties, the name of the picture will give you some indication where the picture was taken.

This trip was completed in June 2007.