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New Orleans Trip - Yours To Discover®

Our second major road trip was to New Orleans. On our way down drove by the skyline of Indianapolis, visited Diamond Caverns in Kentucky, stopped at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, drove through Memphis and into Louisiana. The drive into New Orleans was all swamp for miles and miles on bridges. After the city it was on to the Mississippi gulf coast where we spent an afternoon at a beautiful and empty beach. Then through Alabama and into northern Florida which was all bush until we hit Jacksonville. We took the coast north through Georgia, South Carolina, and after hours of driving through swamp in the dark in North Carolina we took the first hotel we could find. We woke in the morning and realized we had rented an ocean view suite in Nags Head. After a nice morning walk in the surf we headed out and continued up the coast to Virginia. We took the amazing Chesapeake Bay Bridge, bought a lighthouse souvenir at the pier and headed to Washington DC. In Washington we toured the National Mall, drove by the White House, and watched the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington Cemetery. Oddly enough as we passed by the Pentagon, a 747 jet flow over our heads. After navigating Washington's confusing one way streets we finally found our highway (which ran ran under the city) and started the fast-track home. Another amazing trip with great weather to boot! (Points of interest: Diamond Caverns Kentucky 37.116103°, -86.062039°; New Orleans 29.950674°, -90.081081°; Long Beach Mississippi 30.332389°, -89.182262°; Chesapeake Bay Bridge 36.966394°, -76.112516°; Arlington Cemetery 38.876373°, -77.072257°)

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The trip was completed in May 2001.