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Road Trip to Oregon! - Yours To Discover®

Wanting to continue where we left off on our California road trip, we decided to take a route that took us through northern Michigan and Wisconsin, stopping at the Mall of America in Minneapolis and settling for the night at Sioux Falls South Dakota. That day we toured the Bad Lands, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial and camped out under the stars at Devil's Tower in Wyoming. The next day we took the mountain pass over Big Horn Mountain and drove into Yellowstone National Park. It was an amazing spectacle watching Old Faithful erupt. Following that was beautiful Grand Tetons NP with its snow covered peaks and a deer that seemed to pose for us. Then it was on to Idaho Falls, down into Nevada, past Battle Mountain, Walker Lake, through the Anchorite Pass and into Lee Vinning where had planned to take the Tioga Pass up into Yosemite. As we made our turn, a big flashing sign advised that the pass had not yet opened for the season; apparently it will still under 14 feet of snow and this meant we had to go hundreds of miles around. So we headed up Conway Summit, took some breathtaking photos of Mono Lake below, found the town of Bridgeport and settled in for the night. The next day we took the Sonora Pass up through Devils Gate, back down the mountain and around to the front entrance to the park. Yosemite National Park has some of the most unbelievable scenery both from the lookout over the half dome and the valley below. We camped out that night at Woodward Reservoir and returned to San Francisco for our second visit the following day. We again drove down Lombard Avenue and stopped to take better photos of the Golden Gate Bridge then made our way to the top of Mount Tamalpais to overlook the city. Then it was back down to follow the coast along the breathtaking pacific coast highway, visiting lighthouses and taking in the scenic coastline. We drove through the amazingly huge Chandelier Tree in Leggett and just before Humboldt Redwoods State Park we stopped and found our redwood baby bear carving souvenir at the Legend of Bigfoot roadside stand. Then it was on to the Avenue of Giants named after the giant redwood trees along it. After that was Eureka, and the amazing views of the coastline. At Newport we toured the Oregon Coast Aquarium and before we left the coastline to head east we were treated to an amazing last view of the beaches and coastline from a cliff above at Mazanita. A quick stop at Roloff Farms (Little People Big World), then onto Multnomah Falls, through Portland and stayed the night at Cascade Locks. In the morning we cross the Bridge of the Gods and headed up to Mount St. Helens and on to the amazingly scenic Mount Rainier. Then we drove through Yakima onto Spokane Washington where we spent the night. The next day we made time heading home going through Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and into Ontario. (Points of interest: Mall of America 44.854154°, -93.242452°; Sioux Falls 43.556465°, -96.722908°; Bad Lands South Dakota 43.750331°, -101.931396°; Mount Rushmore 43.878970°, -103.459720°; Crazy Horse Memorial 43.836560°, -103.623439°; Devils Tower 44.590494°, -104.715237°; Old Faithful Yellowstone 44.460483°, -110.828406°; Grand Tetons 43.984350°, -110.667297°; Idaho Falls 43.470465°, -112.061523°; Sonora Pass 38.327987°, -119.637374°; Yosemite Overlook 37.728198°, -119.572868°; Lombard Ave San Francisco 37.802093°, -122.418865°; Golden Gate Bridge 37.813941°, -122.477762°; Mount Tamalpais 37.927250°, -122.580058°; Chandelier Tree 39.858581°, -123.719352; Humboldt Redwoods State Park 40.349951°, -123.928149°; Oregon Coast Aquarium 44.616949°, -124.046977°; Mazanita 45.740127°, -123.947457°; Roloff Farms 45.599414°, -122.924177°; Multnomah Falls 45.577850°, -122.117298°; Mount St. Helens 46.195204°, -122.191564°; Mount Rainier 46.853487°, -121.770021°)

*If you right click on the pictures and select properties, the name of the picture will give you some indication where the picture was taken.

This trip was completed in June 2006.