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Orlando Florida - Yours To Discover®

We flew into Orlando, rented a car and toured Florida. We visited Daytona Beach, Cape Canaveral, Miami, enjoyed a relaxing champagne sunset sail out of Key Largo, visited Key West. We got lost in the middle of the night on our way back through the Everglades but eventually found our way to Naples to stay the night. The next morning we backtracked and took an amazing loud and fast ride in an air-boat through the Everglades. The driver looked like he belonged in a Kia commercial; it was a ton of fun. We went for a swim at Clearwater Beach, and got on some truly huge roller coasters at Busch Gardens. We made our way back to Orlando, spent half a day at MGM Studios and I went indoor skydiving at SkyVenture. (Points of interest: Cape Canaveral 28.595869°, -80.617839°; Key West Lighthouse 24.550664°, -81.800886°; Air-boats 25.900434°, -81.323014°; Busch Gardens 28.034653°, -82.417583°; SkyVenture 28.463605°, -81.464617°)

* If you right click on the pictures & select properties, the name of the picture will give you some indication where the picture was taken.

This trip was completed in May 1999.