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Pennsylvania Cave Hunting! - Yours To Discover®





















After our introduction to tourist caving in Kentucky we realized that we were within reach of dozens of awesome caves in upstate New York and Pennsylvania We decided to make a road trip of camping and touring these caves. The 55F caves make a great escape from the hot summer weather. We toured a number caves including Laurel Caverns, Indian Caverns, Lincoln Caverns, Penns Cave, Woodward Cave, Indian Echo Caverns, Crystal Cave, Lost River Caverns, and the best of them all - Howe Caverns which included an elevator ride, walking tour and tour by boat. All-in-all, the caverns make for a great camping road trip! (Points of interest: Laurel Caverns 39.799451°, -79.710734°; Indian Caverns 40.645211°, -78.090405°; Lincoln Caverns 40.507445°, -78.071380°; Penns Cave 40.882663°, -77.609834°; Woodward Cave 40.889581°, -77.387178°; Indian Echo Caverns 40.253922°, -76.717136°; Crystal Cave 40.525951°, -75.842431°; Lost River Caverns 40.580854°, -75.331281°; Howe Caverns 42.695628°, -74.398932°)

This trip was completed in June 2002.