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Road Trip to Quebec

Our first extended road trip with JJ & he was unexpectedly well behaved. Started out with a straight shot to the Quebec border crossing the St. Lawrence at Coteau-du-Lac, through the Kahanawake Indian reserve and onto Sainte-Helene Island. We toured around the Jean-Drapeau park, took some pictures of the Montreal skyline and found ourselves on Jacques Villeneuve Avenue which is Montreal's Indy circuit. It was just good clean fun buzzing down the straight away and blasting through the chicane. After the park we got back on the highway and crossed the bridge into the city. We toured old Montreal taking pictures of the old stone buildings including the Notre Dame Basilica. Then we headed up to Mount Royal to get a look at the city from above. We stayed the night in Laval and in the morning we picked up some fresh curds from the fromagerie for breakfast, went to visit my nephew Alex in the beautiful Laurentide area and continued on up to Mount Tremblant and into its wilderness park behind. After several hours of rally style gravel roads we made it back to Highway 117 having made it full circle around the mountain. We made a small detour to visit the Armand-Lachaine covered bridge and found our selves running on empty through the beautiful La Verendrye park. After some tense moments we finally found a gas station on the other side of the vast park. We drove through Val-d'Or and settled into a very nice suite in Rouyn-Noranda. As we crossed the border into Ontario at Cheminis, we snapped a photo of the beginning of the OFSC trail network, Mount Chaudron and the Ontario welcome centre. In Iroquois Falls we were amazed by the massive piles of timber at the mill and how it seemed that every little northern Ontario town had its very own steam locomotive. Cochrane is a quaint little town and the gateway to the Polar Express, taking tourists up to Moosonee on James Bay to see the Polar Bears. We continued up as far as Smooth Rock Falls and then doubled back and headed to Timmins. On the way home we took a short tour around and happened to catch a CN train in action. It was a fantastic trip & despite our fears, everyone we met in Quebec was very nice and even when they could not speak english, they tried very hard to understand us. (Points of interest: Montreal Indy Circuit 45.511208, -73.525828; Notre Dame 45.504668, -73.556447; Mount Royal 45.503441, -73.587077; Fromagerie Mirabel 45.642564, -73.817569; Mount Tremblant 46.224405, -74.521222; Armand-Lachaine Covered Bridge 46.642693, -75.268954; La Verendrye Park 46.801395, -76.253691; Rouyn-Noranda Fountain 48.243321, -79.018555; Mount Chaudron 48.137845, -79.507463; Cochrane's Polar Express 49.059903, -81.022974; Gogama 47.674873, -81.723327)

*If you right click on the pictures and select properties, the name of the picture will give you some indication where the picture was taken.

This trip was completed in July 2009.