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Travel Ontario – YoursToDiscover®

Ramping up for the winter season we volunteered for the OFSC attending the snowmobile show in Toronto where the Slednecks were there performing, our Halloween setup, the trumpeter swans on Hogg's Bay, out on the OFSC trail network, we decorated our sled for a Christmas day tour, a weekend vacation to Niagara falls including a tour of the aviary, Rattlesnake point conservation area, spring melt at Inglis Falls, Meaford, Lions Head, a burger at Weber's, waterfalls in Bala, returning to Ontario from Alaska, Ignace, the Terry Fox memorial near Thunder Bay, Murdock River snowmobile bridge, ending with the Lake Superior north shore.

*If you right click on the pictures and select properties, the name of the picture will give you some indication where the picture was taken.

These photographs are up to July 2005.